Teacher Became Viral After Removing All Desks During Her Class, Read And Discover Her Reason Of Doing So!


Education is a never ending process and whether we’re still in school or has finished with our degree already, we still learn a lot every single day of our lives. Our experiences has taught us very important lessons in life and we need to make sure we learn from it. We also need to be grateful to our teachers or professors that has done a good job in teaching us our lessons in school.

These professionals are considered to be heroes as they have done their part in what we have become today. Martha Cothren is a high school teacher who became famous over the internet after what she did in her class one day. When her students arrived in class, they were surprised that the room was empty and they can’t see a single desk. They were curious yet they tried to ask their teacher Martha if where are their desks. Martha told the students that they can only have their desks if they tell her the right way on how to earn it.

The students tried a lot of guesses but at the end of the day, nobody gave her the answer that she expects to hear. Martha opened the door and there were 27 US Army Services Veterans standing in their uniforms. Each one of them is carrying one desk. Martha explained to her students that nobody earned a desk but it was these heroes who made it possible for them. These guys sacrificed their own education in order to defend the country making it possible for the younger generation to enjoy what the world offers. Sacrifice is what Jesus also made on the cross of Calvary. He gave up His life in order for us to be free from our sins. Be thankful for the people who showed love and compassion. Watch the video below and listen as Mike Huckabee delivers his Veteran’s speech telling the story of this teacher who shares a great lesson to everyone.

Mike Huckabee’s Veterans’ Speech
Mike Huckabee – Martha Cothren’s Veterans illustration