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Ten of the Top Scientific Facts Discovered in the Bible Long Time Ago

We all came to a conclusion that science and the Bible have two different explanations to prove such a theory. How the earth was formed based on science is a way different than what the Bible is telling us. Different theories were explained by science on how the earth was made but Christians believe that is only God who created everything in this world even from the smallest to the biggest creature.

But don’t you know that there are also some scientific explanations that were explained by the bible in the same way? The video will show you 10 things that science and the scriptures tell it the same way. Just as science proved that the earth is round and spherical, it is also written the same way in the Bible. The light that is visual and the path of the sea are only a few of those things.

It is not harmful to listen to what scientific explanations got on hand, but it is really important to know which of both tells the truth. Hearing things that are different from what you believe in can sometimes affect you being decisive. Trust in the Lord and know His scriptures for it is the only proof that can battle anything that the world may bring.

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