Terry Crews Lived in a Nightmare Several Years, But Now Speak It Up To Change The World!

Fear is something that hinders people in reaching their goals in life. We always say that experiences are the best teacher in life but for some, it serves as a big trauma for them hindering people to do something that they haven’t tried before. Trauma can be stuck within yourself and would not allow you to explore things because you’re scared.

Terry Crews told his life story in relation to Safe Horizon’s vision. When he was young, he witnessed how his father physically hurts his mom. As a child, it caused him trauma and a feeling of hopelessness. A feeling that you will not be able to succeed in life because you’re scared that somebody will hinder you. Trauma can be a cause for people to have a different concept about life, a pessimistic point of view.

He was only 14 that time when he wakes up with broken glass, disturbing noises, wet bed and screaming every time his mother is punched by his father. He wanted to escape that time and would rather choose to stay on the streets rather with that kind of family set up.

We learn from our experiences whether it is a good or bad one. Do not let other people experience the same trauma that you had just because you were afraid to speak up. Own your story and don’t be afraid to use it as your personal testimony for the Lord our God knows everything. He even knows the desire of our hearts and will never put us in despair.

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