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The Girl Who Died, Went to Heaven, and Returned!

Listen to this amazing testimony of someone who died, went to heaven, and returned.

When you meet God you will never be the same.

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  1. I know its true. God sent me back. He told me it wasn’t my time. I learned that God has a plan for everyone’s life and death. And only he can put your spirit back in your body. Its a tremendously humbling experience when you learn He really does exist and is over all things.

  2. Seems to me that she is now audishining for the Hollywood Studios …. And a Movie contract……Attention is a way to have your picture plastered all over to be noticed….Another young lady heading towards. Hollywood. …Good Luck…..

  3. That’s awesome blessing to be able to see what heaven is before you truly have your time to go to meet with God it wasn’t hard time so I sent her back and gave her a glimpse of her true home. Should make a very big impact on her and that’s a blessing you’re you had a miracle and it is a blessing in Jesus name amen you have a mission to work for God and Jesus Christ and the spread the word and let people know there is a heaven

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