The Girl Who Died, Went to Heaven, and Returned!

Listen to this amazing testimony of someone who died, went to heaven, and returned.

When you meet God you will never be the same.

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  1. I asked Living God, if I could see Heaven. Before I knew it I saw Golden Street and a very bright light, it didn’t hurt my eyes. I have sensitive eyes. From 16 years at sea in the USN. After several head trauma I was at the VA in Oklahoma City.

  2. Hey there was some people back in the Bible and in Scripture that went to heaven and then came back so it’s true if it’s in the word of God it can happen don’t doubt what God can do don’t be a doubting Thomas there is people that are false prophets that’s the ones that prophesize and say it then that’s prophesied siding not through Jesus Christ or God they don’t give God or Jesus the credit they give themselves to credit

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