The Singing Nurse Found An Intriguing Way To Comfort His Patients, Leaves A Lasting Impression

Comforting somebody is one way of showing people that you care about what they’re going through. It is a special way of telling them that you’re concerned about what they feel because you love them. Nurses are professionals which are expected by people to show care and ease the pain that patients are suffering from. They are the people who attend to our need every time we are ill and admitted to the hospital.

In Santa Clarita, a singing nurse has found an intriguing and amazing way to show sympathy and lessen the heavy feelings that his patients feel. His name is Jared Axen who touches the heart of his patients through his singing. Jared has a very nice voice which is very relaxing to the mind and soul. After giving medication to his patients, he sings for them and let them feel that he truly understand what they’re going through at this very moment. This act of kindness left a lasting impression to his patients and a lot of them likes him because of his sweetness.

A simple act of kindness can help people survive the pain that they feel. It gives encouragement to people when somebody let them feel comforted. It could be a simple way but you just don’t know how great is the joy that it brings to somebody. Show the world some care and it could be the start of having a peaceful way of living. Sing for somebody who’s in agony for it could start creating a change in the way they look at life in their own perspective.

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