“The Singing Nurse” Comforts Patients’ Troubled Hearts


When you care about what others are going through, you will try to comfort them. Sometimes you want to use a special way of telling them that you care and you love.

At a hospital in Santa Clarita, California, “the singing nurse” has found an intriguing way to show empathy to his patients. His name is Jared Axen who touches the heart of his patients by singing to them at the bedside.

Jared has a very nice voice that is very relaxing for the mind and soul. He usually sings for his patients after giving them medications. He wants to let them know that he truly understands what they’re going through at this very moment. Some patients can’t hold back their tears because they can feel that they are being loved and cared for.

A simple act of kindness can help people survive the pain that they feel. It could be very small but you just don’t know how great is the joy that it brings to someone. You can also do something today to show kindness to the world.