This Boy Killed Himself Because of This Text. When I Saw What It Read, I Was Shattered.

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  1. How you could call this boy a fool you should never call any body a fool you want to read the Bible on what God say’s about it I feel so sorry for him and pray for the Family for their loss and a sad time for this time of year I hope that person will regret what they have said

  2. My absolute condolences to this distraught family. This is so deeply sad. I identify with the pain as my wife suicided 18 yrs ago. I pray that God surrounds you all with His mercy, grace and peace. May He keep you all in His love. Many people especially Christians say many things when it comes to suicide, but I can honestly say, stay close to God no matter how painful it is. Only He will give you comfort. He is merciful and loves you all very much. Peace be with you all.

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