This Boy Killed Himself Because of This Text. When I Saw What It Read, I Was Shattered!

Dad Reacts to This boy killed himself because of this text. When I saw what it read… – Put Gods Words on our Daily Stuff & Send a Message to the World! Click to shop now: God is love – Women’s T-Shirt

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  1. There must be some legal ramifications or this will go on. People are accountable for their words and actions before God and they should be made accountable for this type of evil cruelty and intimidation.

  2. Jesus… i pray this boy knew you and that you help his family find peace and love Lord, this is a soul shattering thing, to lose your kids.. God give them strength and peace please.. in Jesus name I pray Amen..

  3. I have no words that could give you some comfort we had a young girl bullied and she to killed her self why do kids not understand what words can do to others We need to teach our kids from day 1 in school we can not afford to loose any more of our young they are the builders for a whole new generation tech savy let’s push our policy makers they must put in place a program we’re kids can learn they have surport with a program where kids are paired with another are able to aide them and surport these kids a young girl in America has a program “come sit with me” a program that

  4. how sad..The power of hurtfull words to anyone. please if we can’ t say nothing positive about someone don’t say it, in a text or letter or what ever.find something positive to fill in your mind,don’t you see it slowly destroys.words are like poision. lethal and ugly.

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