This Boy Killed Himself Because of This Text. When I Saw What It Read, I Was Shattered!

Dad Reacts to This boy killed himself because of this text. When I saw what it read… – Put Gods Words on our Daily Stuff & Send a Message to the World! Click to shop now: God is love – Women’s T-Shirt

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  1. My condolences gos out to the family this is very heartbreaking” to the victim (RIP) i hope that there will be A strong office organization with rule’s making a final stop no more bullying”” kids and teenagers are dying something have to be done.

  2. I stood up for people who were picked on. I never let it happen on my watch. I was popular, but had Jesus. I stopped kids from cursing out teachers. I said respect them . You should hear what I did, now being older, to kids who thought they wanted to fight. They respected n became friends. Lonely kids on playground? I found them friends. That’s not me, it’s CHRIST HIS love . Never give up. Proclaim Jesus

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