This Mom Died With a Baby in Her Tummy—But Then Her Husband’s Prayer Request Went Viral…

When Melanie went into labor something went terribly wrong and the joy of new life was suddenly overshadowed by tragedy…

Thank you so much Melanie Pritchard, you have shown to all of us that life is sometimes in the hands of God! And maybe some people on this planet earth are sometimes elected to show the mercy and power of God and I think you are one of them! It is a miracle what happened to you and your daughter Gabriella, may God be always with you!!

Always believe in the power of prayer!

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  1. I too believe in the power of prayer. Just over 4 years ago my son found me collapsed in my home. He called the Ambos and they whisked me to hospital. I was in a coma for 6 days and twice my son was told by the doctors that they doubted if I would make it. Directly my Christian friends heard they started praying for me and my son and his wife and my eldest daughter flew over from the UK and were with me as I came round just after being transferred from ICU into the Ward. I was 3months in hospital and 3months in Rehab in a Nursing Home. They said I’d never be able to manage to go back to my home but God not only brought me back from death’s door that just over 6months from when I collapsed I was allowed to come home and I’ve been continually getting stronger until in August last year I was able to start driving again. The reasons for my collapse was Shingles and Meningitus. I always believed in the power of prayer, but like the lady in this item, that belief is so much greater now.. God loves us so much and as it says in John 3:16 if we believe in Jesus, we shall be saved.

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