Thousands Of Islam Baptized In the Name of JESUS.

The angels in the heaven is praising and clapping their hands for every soul that was baptized in Jesus Christ name for the remission of their sins and they will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and their bodies and their minds and their hearts repent and don’t turn back to sin let the Holy Spirit lead and guide for your whole entire life to you have your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life that you will see and the books in heaven and know that Jesus said welcome home my good and faithful servant you don’t want to be the one that sees Jesus and says depart from me I never knew you praise God thank you Jesus Hallelujah king of kings Lord of lords holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty who is here right now have been before and will be coming to take his bride home in Jesus precious holy name

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  1. We (Islam) muslim,,, we respect Jesus Christ (pbuh)because he is one of the mightiest messenger of ALLAH. We are not Muslim, if we don’t believe in Jesus Christ (pbuh), but he is not a god, he is a prophet only. We respect different beliefs and religions,,But we muslim,, we never turn back our religion. For this post,, I don’t believe because lies spread faster than the truth!

    • Jesus is God in flesh. Died for our sins and is in Heaven till his return to take believers home to Heaven. He wasn’t and isn’t a prophet. You have been mislead. Our God doesn’t force anyone to worship him. He gives us free will to accept him as our Lord. He doesn’t celebrate killing of others,stealing their property and cruel treatment of those who don’t believe in him. I as do others that you and others will truly lusten to his message and receive the peace he brings to us.

    • I’m not been mislead. That is the fact. Jesus Christ(pbuh) never claimed Divinity. And Jesus Christ explicitly states that he is not god. For instance in john 17 and 3..He said in this is life eternal..this is the way to eternal life that they may know you.. the “one true God” and Jesus Christ whom you have a messenger. It is very clear that he not a God. And God cannot be born..God did not come in to existence..HE always existed .HE did not come in to existence from non-existence..He was not born, he was not created.. And we all know that Jesus Christ (pbuh)was born…He was born no Father, yes, indeed that was one of his true miracle. He was in the womb for 9mos. And he was born, so that by its very nature..he don’t have the quality and characteristics that God has…,!!God cannot be born….Jesus was born..

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