Tim Tebow Encourages Texas Prison Inmates to Open Their Hearts to Jesus


Tim Tebow shared the gospel with inmates at a maximum-security prison in Texas last week and the athlete revealed the message he told the prisoners. The former NFL quarterback encouraged the prisoners to open their hearts to Jesus and that He is everywhere not just outside the prison walls.

Tebow talked about his surprise visit to the Alfred D. Hughes maximum-security prison in Waco, Texas in a forum hosted by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and while face to face with Ravi Zacharias himself. He shared that during his visit, he reminded the inmates that they can still ask God for forgiveness, leave their past behind and follow a life lead by His teachings.


“I was in prison sharing with inmates and one of the cool things that I was sharing with them is they feel like, you know, they’re in these tough times, these hopeless times, and to be able to bring hope into a prison and sharing with them that God’s not on the out just on the outside. Like God can enter the prison too he can enter the prison and yea…you’re here for murder, you’re here for rape, you’re here for all these bad things but God can enter your life,” Tebow shared.

“He’s not outside the cell. He wants to come in just like he wants to come into your heart and he wants to come into your life and He wants to be able to take those heartaches, those bad times even those bad decisions. But we serve a God that turns bad and bad people and bad choices into testimonies, into hope. Into opportunities to share with other people so when you feel like, ‘Man I hate these bad decisions, I don’t know what I can do, I don’t know who I can help,’ we serve a God that is a big God. He can do big things and watch what he can do with the tough times of your life,” he continued.


Tebow said his visit to the prison was meaningful and memorable. He revealed that over 200 of the inmates surrendered their life to Jesus.  (You can listen to Tebow’s testament from the 29:00 mark in the video below).


The 32-year-old founder of the Tim Tebow Foundation visited the prison after he received a request from the father of one of the inmates. He spent over five hours sharing the gospel and showing his camaraderie with the inmates. He even lost to a game of push-ups. It was truly a remarkable moment for Tebow to have shard the Gospel and for everyone to have heard the Gospel.