Told Not To Sing About Jesus, Country Music Star Gives a Sweet Performance of ‘Why Me Lord’


Everyone has their own way of glorifying the Lord. Some do it through prayers while others through singing. For country singer Vince Gill, using his God-given talent and powerful vocals is the perfect form of worship. So he turned a deaf ear when he was told not to sing about Jesus on the stage.

Gill was recently invited to perform on stage in Nashville, Tennessee for the legendary Grand Ole Opry. The weekly country music is known to bring in large crowds of music enthusiasts since it debuted in 1925. It features some of the big names in country-rock music and Grammy-winning artists.

Gill, a former member of country-rock band Pure Prairie League, was asked to perform alongside the band Little Big Town. However, he was told to sing under one condition and that’s if he doesn’t perform any religious songs or sing about his Christian faith.

The Country Music Hall of Fame inductee could have followed the orders and sung one of his chart-topping hits. After all, he has 20 albums under his name and isn’t a Grammy Award winner for nothing. He could have picked out any country-rock song that fits the occasion.

However, Gill performed “Why Me Lord,” a powerful song written in 1972 by Kris Kristofferson, an American country music artist, and gospel singer. Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, two great singers of the country-rock genre, also performed the same song during the height of their career.

The performance not only brought massive applause from the crowd but also moved the hearts of listeners. Gill and Little Big Town performed the song so beautifully and wholeheartedly that the message within the lyrics resonated in their hearts.

The official YouTube page for Grand Ole Opry shared a video of the performance and it has since received over two million views. The comments were also nothing short on the adjectives. Viewers praised the singers for a moving performance.

Gill may be a country-rock singer but he is no stranger to proclaiming his Christian faith through his songs. He has been praising God since the 1980s through the lyrics and has been imparting important messages of hope and faith in his songs. One such song is “Go Rest High On That Mountain.”

Gill has a new album out called “Okie” in which he tackles social issues including teenage pregnancy, racial equality, and sexual abuse.