Granddaughter Reminded of Her Lovely Grandma in Heaven by a Butterfly that Followed the Family’s Fishing Ship


Saw this over the ocean Sunday 7/21 when we were deep-sea fishing. My grandmother passed, her birthday was the day before. She loved butterflies – especially Monarch. When she passed, every time we see a butterfly we know she is with us and watching over us. We were over two hours out in the open water. She followed us for a few hours. Been going fishing all my life, I have never seen a butterfly at sea. Truly beautiful. I knew she was there. We all did. This is my dad fishing in the picture. His mom truly was letting us know. She was hoping too we caught some haddock for her ❤️and boy, did she love to fish too! I truly believe in the earth giving us signs through our surroundings and nature that our loved ones never truly leave us. I was just blown away!!! Have any of you had signs like this before? We were fishing on the Gloucester Fleet, in Gloucester Mass!

This was so my grandmother! My father always each year has a hard time with her birthday. My husband and I wanted to take him and his best friend deep-sea fishing to really let him relax, and get his mind off of things. She truly knew how bad he missed her, how much we all did. This was SO her letting us know.

When my husband was in the service and would deploy she would stay up all night and come on base and hug the men and women as they left, she just was such a love and truly infected everyone she met with her electrifying beautiful energy. Miss her so deeply each day, but I know she is always with us.

Credit: Heather Figueroa