Vietnamese Woman Separated From Her Child, Threatened To Be Killed For Following Jesus


A woman in Vietnam was beaten, threatened to be killed, and forced to leave her village leaving her daughter and husband behind after she became a Christian.

Y Bi and her family live in a village that worships animistic gods but she recently became a Christian after she realized how they lived different lives compared to theirs. But the villagers did not receive her conversion well and they punished her for turning her back on her tribe and ethnicity.

Y Bi recalled the sufferings she endured in the hands of the villagers. She said they offered her money to leave but when she refused, they demolished her home and forced her out of the village.

“There was a day in 2018; it was in the morning and I was cooking the rice to prepare the [morning] meal. The people from the village came in and took the furniture out of the house so they could demolish the house,” Y Bi told Open Doors USA.

The tribe no longer considered her as one of their own so her home was no longer hers. Even her husband rejected her and the villagers prohibited her from seeing her daughter.

“They pulled my hair and they dragged me out of the village. My child was crying; they took her so she could not see me,” she continued.

Y Bi tearfully recalled how the police tied her legs and put her on the back of a motorbike and drove her out of the village. They also threatened to kill her when she jumped off the bike because she refused to leave her family behind.

There was no question of why the villagers cast her out. It’s because she has followed Jesus. The moment she became a Christian she was considered different from the villagers.

Y Bi was brought to a community of Christians, who were also cast out from their homes. She met her sister there who gave her a Bible.

“I love the stories in the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Because these three books are the words from Jesus directly. I see that the Bible is the Word of God. It teaches us how to become like Him, so that’s why it’s very important to me,” she said.

Y Bi hopes to someday have a place to call her own. She prays to reunite with her family and they will all follow Jesus Christ.