Waitress Left ‘Choked Up’ After ‘Angel’ Customer Gives Her $1,000 Tip


Angels can come in many forms and for one waitress in Ohio, an encounter with a customer had her thanking God for sending her an angel who gave her an enormous tip.

Samantha Meyer has worked at the authentic Italian restaurant Mama Catena Vino e’ Cucina in Euclid, Ohio, since she was 15. However, that one fateful day when she met a middle-aged couple would forever be etched in her memory.

See, these two anonymous out-of-town guests not only made Meyer’s day extra special but the other waitresses working at the restaurant too. After they ordered three appetizers, wine, and one entree, that totaled to a $92 bill, they left Meyer with a $100 tip.

The waitress in awe at the amount tried to tell the customer about the mistake. But he told her to take the money for a job well done.

“He had left me a $100 tip, so I turned around, I said ‘Sir, I think you made a mistake. And he said ‘No, I didn’t make a mistake. You were wonderful, this place is wonderful, I’d like you to have a good night’, and I got a little choked up,” Meyer told Fox 8.

The man afterward decided to order a bottle of wine to go. He signed the bill and left, again leaving Meyer openmouthed at what she saw. He had left her a $970 tip which made the tab an even $1,000. Meyer said she was so shocked she couldn’t move. She then ran outside to catch up to the couple but the man said the same thing again.

“I ran outside actually to catch them because I didn’t know what to do with that. I just showed him the receipt and he said, ‘I know, I want you to have a good night, turn around and go back inside, I’m happy to do it,'” Meyer recalled the man said.

She asked him who he was but he only shook his head and told her to have a good night. Sisters Rina and Fran Catena, who runs the restaurant, did not know who the man was too but said that he was “such a kind person.” They called him their “angel” as well as Sam’s angel.

Meyer said the tip could not have come at a better time. She revealed that during that night, she was worried about all the bills that she had to pay while she walked up to the couple’s table. She considered it a “miracle” and God’s way of telling her that she is going to be okay. Meyer knows that “God works in mysterious ways” and believes that He sent the couple to the restaurant that night. Meyer shared the blessings and split the tip with her co-workers.