What Does ‘666’ in the Bible Actually Mean?

What Does ‘666’ in the Bible Actually Mean? Do you know?

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  1. The devil’s destination is in lake of fair his time is about to expired that is why he works 24/7 with his agents around the world the sad things most belivers are not ready. Yet for Jesus 2nd coming they live like the world luke worm ether with the Lord or devil thire is no in between choose life turn to Jesus you don’t have to worry. about 666 all the believers will be rabeture dont get stack in this passing world ! Evaluate your life were you are now and repant!wow for the unbelievers! Glory to the believer’s! Jesus is Lord !!! He is coming soon get ready ppl!!!

  2. I was shown a video that the mark of the beast in the original Bible scripture text that was thought to be in Greek for 666 but its probably actually Aramaic for an Islamic saying, a mark, that devout Islamists are supposed to wear/have on them somewhere. The ‘mark’ text is very similar in Greek vs. aramaic text of scriptures of Bible, but in Aramaic, it means an Islamic saying as a mark for islam not 666

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