The Mark Of The Beast: 666 the Name of Allah

When the AntiChrist comes to earth, he will make everyone submit to him and take his mark on their foreheads and right hands. Without this mark you will not be able to buy or sell, and you would even be killed. God gave the Prophet John visions about the end times and the times of the AntiChrist and he recorded what he saw in the Bible. He also drew what he saw but he did not understand what language the mark was in, so he translated it in Greek as he received the visions from God in the Greek island of Patmos and that was the language that everyone there spoke. He wrote the Greek word for 666 in the Codex Vaticanus (AD 350). The symbol that John drew describing 666 and the mark that the AntiChrist will make everyone have on their foreheads and hands is EXTREMELY similar to the Arabic word for Allah. This is shocking, but it really shouldn’t be as Allah is Satan himself and the AntiChrist will be the Imam Mahdi, the Islamic messiah.

Let’s pray for the Muslims🙏🙏🙏

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  1. In the book of revelation God Jesus gave John visions and for 666 it may have been a vertical flag with Greek 666 on it. When horizontal it becomes Brotherhood under Allah that hates Christians. Greek 600 is an X which is the crossed swords origional symbol for the Muslim Brotherhood. Greek 60 looks like Allah and Greek six is pronounced Stimata, the same as that name for the marks on Jesus hands and feet that killed him. You are right that John drew what he saw because Greek 600 does not have a line with it but Allah does. The 666 is a false religion of the dragon (Rev 13:4 and Rev 12:9,, 17) where the men will have their 666 mark on their foreheads while the women of this 666 religion can’t have it on their veiled foreheads so the 666 will be on their right hands. They are the Religion of Peace that does not end in Peace (Bible Ezekiel 13:10) whose women wear veils (Eze 13:20). They will kill you thinking they are doing a service for God but they don’t know God or me, says Jesus in John 16:2-4. Their time of terrorism will come he warns. In Matthew 24:9 he says that the whole world will arrest you, gather you and kill you for my namesake (for being a Christian or not one of them). Daniel 7:25 they will start religious laws and remove holidays. Daniel 8:25 they will take over during a time of peace. God will wait until terrorism kills all Christians (Rev 6:9-11) except Israel before destroying the false religion with a planet that crashes on earth (Rev 8) causing water dirt and garbage to splash up darkening the sun and the moon (Rev 16) and causing worldwide earthquakes and tidal waves. It will happen during World War Five (Rev 9) when a 200,000,000 man army from every nation of the beast (false religion) goes against Israel with warplanes (Rev 9:7-9) and tanks (Rev 17-19) and many horses (Eze 38:15). There will be horrible storms with 100 pound hail (Rev 16:21 Eze 13:11 Eze 38:19-22). With the ozone layer messed up there will be great heat and radiation causing sores on people’s bodies (Rev 16:8-10). Will they repent and turn to God? No many will curse him (Rev 9:20).

    • In a few years the Pope will have no choice but to hand over tge Catholic church over to Muslim Islamic leaders. Not to mention that if you check YouTube and Google you will find that the Pope is already becoming one if them. Revelation 13 makes me believe that the Pope will give power to the beast (false religion).