The Mark Of The Beast: 666 the Name of Allah

When the AntiChrist comes to earth, he will make everyone submit to him and take his mark on their foreheads and right hands. Without this mark you will not be able to buy or sell, and you would even be killed. God gave the Prophet John visions about the end times and the times of the AntiChrist and he recorded what he saw in the Bible. He also drew what he saw but he did not understand what language the mark was in, so he translated it in Greek as he received the visions from God in the Greek island of Patmos and that was the language that everyone there spoke. He wrote the Greek word for 666 in the Codex Vaticanus (AD 350). The symbol that John drew describing 666 and the mark that the AntiChrist will make everyone have on their foreheads and hands is EXTREMELY similar to the Arabic word for Allah. This is shocking, but it really shouldn’t be as Allah is Satan himself and the AntiChrist will be the Imam Mahdi, the Islamic messiah.

Let’s pray for the Muslims🙏🙏🙏

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    • “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

      “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
      John 3:16

      “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”
      Romans 10:9

      Hi Tonya Jesus Christ came and raised from the dead for you and me. He took the punishment for our sin and He offers this gift to everyone who is willing to receive it. Today if you don’t know Him I encourage you to seek Him and from the deepest part of your heart pray to Him and confess He is your Lord and Savior. We where not created to stay behind we where created to be loved and saved by Him in the same way we love and worship Him and we are destined to spend an eternity with Him all we have to do is seek, declare, love and live according to His Word❤️ 1 John 4:19 “We love because He loved us first” I will be praying for you sister!

    • Here , more truth from Gods word for you to laugh at .

      Earth is a Circle:
      Isaiah 40:22

      Earth does NOT Move:
      Psalm 104:5
      Psalm 93:1
      1 Chronicles 16:30
      Psalm 96:10

      Earth has Ends: Deuteronomy 28:49
      Deuteronomy 28:64
      Deuteronomy 33:17
      1 Samuel 2:10
      Job 37:3
      Job 38:13
      Psalm 46:9
      Psalm 48:10
      Psalm 59:13
      Psalm 61:2
      Psalm 65:5
      Psalm 67:7
      Psalm 72:8
      Psalm 98:3
      Psalm 135:7
      Proverbs 17:24
      Proverbs 30:4
      Isaiah 5:26
      Isaiah 26:15
      Isaiah 40:28
      Isaiah 41:5
      Isaiah 41:9
      Isaiah 42:10
      Isaiah 43:6
      Isaiah 45:22
      Isaiah 48:20
      Isaiah 49:6
      Isaiah 52:10
      Jeremiah 10:13
      Jeremiah 16:19
      Jeremiah 25:31
      Jeremiah 51:16
      Micah 5:4
      Zechariah 9:10
      Acts 13:47

      Earth has Corners:
      Isaiah 11:12
      Revelations 7:1

      Earth has Pillars:
      Job 9:6
      Psalm 75:3
      1 Samuel 2:8

      Earth has a Face:
      Genesis 1:29
      Genesis 4:14
      Genesis 6:1
      Genesis 6:7
      Genesis 7:3
      Genesis 7:4
      Genesis 8:9
      Genesis 11:8
      Genesis 11:9
      Genesis 41:56
      Exodus 10:5
      Exodus 10:15
      Exodus 32:12
      Exodus 33:16
      Numbers 12:3
      Numbers 22:5
      Numbers 22:11
      Deuteronomy 6:15
      Deuteronomy 7:6
      1 Samuel 20:15
      1 Kings 13:34
      Job 37:12
      Psalm 104:30
      Jeremiah 8:2
      Jeremiah 16:4
      Jeremiah 25:26
      Jeremiah 28:16
      Ezekiel 34:6
      Ezekiel 38:20
      Ezekiel 39:14
      Amos 9:6
      Amos 9:8
      Zechariah 5:3
      Luke 21:35
      Acts 17:26
      Revelation 20:11

      From the Top of a Tree:
      Daniel 4:11
      Daniel 4:20

      From the Top of a Mountain:
      Matthew 4:8

      The Sun Moves:
      Jonah 4:8
      Nahum 3:17
      Ecclesiastes 1:5
      Leviticus 22:7
      Deuteronomy 23:11
      Joshua 8:29
      2 Samuel 3:35
      Amos 8:9
      Isaiah 60:20
      Deuteronomy 24:15
      Micah 3:6
      Ephesians 4:26
      Exodus 22:26
      Deuteronomy 11:30
      Deuteronomy 24:13
      Genesis 15:12
      Exodus 17:12
      Deuteronomy 16:6
      Joshua 1:4
      Joshua 10:27
      1 Kings 22:36
      2 Chronicles 18:34
      Daniel 6:14
      Jeremiah 15:9
      Matthew 5:45
      Genesis 19:23
      Exodus 22:3
      James 1:11
      2 Samuel 23:4
      Numbers 2:3
      Joshua 12:1
      Psalm 50:1
      Psalm 113:3
      Isaiah 41:25
      Isaiah 45:6
      Isaiah 49:10
      Isaiah 59:19
      Mark 16:2
      Psalm 50:1
      Malachi 1:11
      Genesis 32:31
      Numbers 21:11
      Numbers 34:15
      Deuteronomy 4:41
      Deuteronomy 4:47
      Joshua 1:15
      Joshua 13:5
      Joshua 19:12
      Joshua 19:27
      Joshua 19:34
      Judges 20:43
      Judges 8:13
      Judges 9:33
      Genesis 15:17
      Judges 14:18
      Judges 19:14
      2 Samuel 2:24

      Sun Anomalies:
      Isaiah 38:8
      Isaiah 60:20
      Job 9:7
      Joshua 10:12-14
      Habakkuk 3:11

      Earth Created Before the Sun:
      Genesis 1:1-4, 14-19

    • Paul Michael Dawson… the four scriptures that you provide regarding that the Earth does not move… You are taking that as a literal translation. Which is not to be taken that way. If you know anything about the heavens and the planets you will know that the Earth spins on its access 24 hours a day. When the scripture says that the Earth cannot be moved it doesn’t mean it literally can’t be moved. It means that what God has set in the heavens and in the order of the heavens and the axis of which they move and spin are done by the power and the spirit of the Lord. That is what’s wrong with people they look at scriptures so literally and what they should be doing is looking at statements as metaphorical not hard facts. So the scriptures you gave are definitely scriptures in the Bible but it doesn’t literally mean it that the Earth is standing still. After looking at those for scriptures I don’t dare look at the rest of what you posted.

    • Pressed out as a clay seal .
      Covered in a dome of molten looking glass.
      His throne at the centre , looking down through the firmament to see us as grasshoppers . The word planet is mentioned once in the book of kings and it does not refer to a sphere .
      God says WANDERING STARS, not planets .

      Every word of God is the truth , dont fall for mans lies .

      Helios = Ha’al/Ba’al/apollyon/appolos/=Satan .
      Devil at the centre.

    • Were you there when i drew the ‘circle’ of the Earth …
      God used a very specific word for circle . It does not refer to a sphere or ball , there is another very specific word for ball or sphere in Hebrew .

      Heres a picture of a hebrew clay seal which God says The earth is fashoined after.

    • Firmament from KJV:

      Original: רקיע

      Transliteration: râqı̂ya‛

      Phonetic: raw-kee’-ah

      BDB Definition:

      extended surface (solid), expanse, firmament
      expanse (flat as base, support)
      firmament (of vault of heaven supporting waters above)
      considered by Hebrews as solid and supporting ‘waters’ above

  1. You are uneducated in history and of Allah and people of Islam your government is going to place the mark on your forehead and your leader will be amongst the women of the world it is he that is the anti christ. People like you are what breeds violence with the misuse of history scripture and knowledge or lack thereof it’s that your use of the internet is not used for more peace and more godly conduct.

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