The Mark Of The Beast: 666 the Name of Allah

When the AntiChrist comes to earth, he will make everyone submit to him and take his mark on their foreheads and right hands. Without this mark you will not be able to buy or sell, and you would even be killed. God gave the Prophet John visions about the end times and the times of the AntiChrist and he recorded what he saw in the Bible. He also drew what he saw but he did not understand what language the mark was in, so he translated it in Greek as he received the visions from God in the Greek island of Patmos and that was the language that everyone there spoke. He wrote the Greek word for 666 in the Codex Vaticanus (AD 350). The symbol that John drew describing 666 and the mark that the AntiChrist will make everyone have on their foreheads and hands is EXTREMELY similar to the Arabic word for Allah. This is shocking, but it really shouldn’t be as Allah is Satan himself and the AntiChrist will be the Imam Mahdi, the Islamic messiah.

Let’s pray for the Muslims🙏🙏🙏

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    • Heaven & earth shall pass away but God’s word remains the same forever.
      FOREVER,the word of God is in heaven. All you need to do is to receive the mark of our Lord Jesus Christ & keep God’s commandments by his grace & the mark remains for the rebellious one. Stay ever blessed

    • Maryann ponce our home z heaven suffering or not still we all die. Satan always feels jealous to watch u and i receiving heaven at the final thats y we suffer for d devil make us questioning GOD as a result of disobeying His commands. And perish forever after leaving these physical bodies. May dia dnt question GOD. Ask Him presence of holy spirit in yo life yo answers will come by yo side

  1. no one really knows what is the mark that the bible is talking about.. so these people on comment section, stop acting like u know evrything, the time will come this will happen.. so we alreay have a warning that this sign forbids us to buy foods or anything, thats the mark. stop spreading fake news base on ur human perception/knowledge.. our thoughts are not His thoughts.. trust in the Lord, He already send us the signal that we cant buy anything without accepting the mark.. but we really cant comprehend for now what is really the mark the bible was talking about.. Love Him, follow His ways and stop judging one another.

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