When Asked Ashton Kutcher How She Can Pray For Him. His Response Leaves Her Stunned

Ashton Kutcher: My Organization Helped Find 6,000 Human Trafficking Victims | TODAY

Actor and activist Ashton Kutcher is getting ready to kick off the second season of his Netflix comedy series “The Ranch.” He tells Kathie Lee and Hoda about Thorn, the organization he co-founded to fight human trafficking, revealing that they helped find 6,000 victims this past year.

Actor and activist Ashton Kutcher is getting ready to kick off the second season of his Netflix comedy series “The Ranch.” He tells Kathie Lee and Hoda about Thorn, the organization he co-founded to fight human trafficking, revealing that they helped find 6,000 victims this past year. His goal next year is to remove child pornography from the internet.

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    • I am very much for pro life ! It is a SIN to kill GOD’S CREATIONS especially human beings ! Those abortions goes against everything that GOD IS AGAINST . ONLY HE GIVES US LIFE AND ONLY HE CAN TAKE IT AWAY FROM US . Who gives these mother’s, doctors the right to decide who lives and who dies ? And to use these babies body parts for other reasons makes this even more horrific and EVIL ! ALL lives matter , not just a certain few but every life matters ! STOP KILLING these innocent babies who never ask to be conceived in the first place bc you are irresponsible!

    • I’m truly a believer in what God says “judge less ye want to be judged” …. That’s a pretty plain and straight forward comment. I personally wouldn’t have an abortion however this is MY body. It is so undoubtedly sad and frustrating to see other self righteous people JUDGE others. Sad very sad. No I again I don’t like the thought of what happens however it’s not my place to tell someone else what to do. I can make suggestions or advice but I don’t want to be a hypocrite and say I love and follow God but only do the parts of his word that are comfortable to me. BUT IT’S AWESOME WHAT ASHTON IS DOING!

    • Shona Devlin , You say that you are a believer in GOD then you of all people should know that I was not judging anyone for aborting their babies . I am only stating the facts that this is very wrong to murder a human being , fetus . Given the chance to live that baby will grow into a complete human being and to stop this from happening is a SIN and also against the law bc when a mother is killed and her baby in a car accident or murder they charge that person for a double homicide bc the courts recognize that had it lived that baby would have grown up to be an adult . I am merely trying to warn these mother’s that to abort their babies is wrong and goes against GOD’S WILL ! There are so many other options they can make other than to destroy these lives . There are many couples that CAN’T have children and would give anything to adopt those babies . What I am saying is basically the same thing that you were saying yet I DIDN’T think that you were judging anyone . This is so wrong to even suggest that I was judging anyone bc I am not !

    • Shona Devlin I think we tend to take this verse out of context sometimes. I thought this way too, I kept to myself saying it’s not right to judge and to each their own, I’ll speak if they ask me.. but what about the scripture that says to know a person by their fruits? Isn’t that kind of the same as judging? In Matthew the scripture reads on to say why do you judge a person with sawdust in their eye when you have a plank in your own, speaking of judging another on a sin issue you have a problem with as well.. So are we to judge or aren’t we? The answer is rather simple, we are to know the person by their fruits and we are to compare their actions with scripture. You’re right, you aren’t the judge, but you will stand accountable for what you did and did not say to a brother in sin.

    • Michelle Afinow absolutely! That’s true I completely agree with you. There are so many woman and so many different circumstances. I’ve known women that have had it done and when they asked me if I thought God would forgive them I told them they have to seek him and ask him that’s between them and God. I also said I personally wouldn’t do it but I know that there isn’t 1 thing my kids could do that would turn me away from them or that I wouldn’t forgive them for if they asked for it. And God is so much greater then me being of flesh. My one friend would have died if she wouldn’t have had it done. I’ve spoken to a lot of women that have had it done for numerous reasons. I’ve been in nursing for 20 years and there have been times that I’ve been able to talk without ever judging anyone and they’ve changed their minds then their have been others that haven’t and that’s ok too because I know some of them could not be a mom to their baby and that baby would have had many trials in this life. And now that baby will never know fear, pain, or sorrow and will be loved and cared for by our Father. It’s not always easy to not be somewhat judgmental but I try very hard. Because there is not 1 sin that is greater then another and I am not without sin. I’ve been there for babies being born and I’ve been there for many people taking their last breath. There are many babies and older children in this world that need adopting let’s focus on them, let’s save them they are already here and a lot of them are in a really bad way. Let’s help them, adopt them!

  1. There are many in my church who have aligned with this organization and in the N.O. area, we are working to make a difference in the lives of men and women (boys and girls) who have found themselves victims of human trafficking and I pray Jesus allows THORN to prosper and impact the lives of those around them.

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