Widow of Pastor Jarrid Wilson Says Her Son Often Asks To Visit Dad In Heaven


Juli Wilson, the widow of the late Megachurch Pastor Jarrid Wilson, has taken to her Instagram to update everyone about their life in the wake of her husband’s death. The mother-of-two shared that one of their boys believes their daddy is in heaven, free from pain and suffering.

Juli wrote that her son Finch has been “asking so many questions about heaven” and if they are going to visit daddy soon. The toddler believes that there is a heaven and thinks of it as an ideal place to stay or hang out.

“I have to say, it has been beyond beautiful to watch him try to wrap his mind around it all. He knows it’s a happy place, where no one is sick or sad, and he told me it sounds like a really nice place to play at,” Juli wrote along with a photo of her and Finch together.


Jarrid’s widow continued and said that Finch would often ask when they can visit their dad in heaven.

“He often asks when we can take an airplane to visit but insists we come back home in time for school. He believes heaven is real, even though he says he can’t see it past the clouds. Jesus was on to something when he said to have faith like a child. It’s pure and unmatched. It’s the kind of faith that doesn’t require proof, just a bunch of trust, just like the kind Finch has,” Juli continued.


In the same post, she expressed her desire to have a faith like her son’s, one “that isn’t shaken” and remains steadfast despite the uncertainty of the future. A faith “that is okay with knowing goodness is waiting right around the corner, just beyond the clouds,” even when you can’t see it.

Juli then expressed her gratitude that she serves a God that says “come to me” and who is willing to provide a faith like her son. She then closed her post with, “I’m asking, God Show your glory! I am ready.”