Wife Discovered Mom And Husband’s Little Secret Which Made Her Burst In Tears


Our mother is the very first person that we met even before we were born in to this world. They carry us for more or less 9 months in to their womb making sure that we are safe every second, every minute, every hour and almost everyday of our lives. If there’s somebody who knows us better than anyone does, it should be our mom. We can’t hide secrets from them because they would certainly figure out if we are in pain or worried about something.

Nikki Pennington is an ordinary woman who suffers from anxiety just like most woman do. Every time she feels anxious about something, she grabs on her phone immediately and call her mom and a small talk would keep her calm. Everything seems to be right with her mom on her side who is always willing to listen to her problems. When her mom passed away, she was worried that nobody can do the same thing just like what her mom does.

Her husband instead, tries to keep her in shape making sure she will feel calm every time she is being attacked by her anxiety. Lately, her husband decided to confess to her about his little secret. He told Nikki about the sweetest thing her mom ever did. During their wedding day, Nikki’s mom left her husband a note containing all the steps that he needs to do in order to help Nikki with her anxiety. She told Nikki’s husband to listen to her very well but do not give out any advice but instead, let her solve the problem on her own. Nikki’s husband has mastered all the steps and got better at it. When Nikki knew what her mom did, it caused her tears and missed her mom so much. Thank your mom for being at your side and caring all the time. The love of a mother is truly unconditional. Thank God for giving you the best mom in the world!