Woman Gives Up Life of Partying and Drugs To Dedicate Her Life To God


During her teenage years, Amy Compston turned to drugs to cope after her family fell apart. However, God knocked on her heart and the moment she surrendered her life to Him, she found the relief and happiness she has sought for since her parents separated.

Compston and her sisters grew up in a Christian home. They would have Bible study before school, attend Sunday services, and Wednesday revival nights. She thought she led a happy and fruitful life until the family fell apart after they learned of their mother’s affair, which prompted her dad to leave home.

Since then she and her sisters turned to drugs and alcohol as their means of escape, of shutting the reality of their sad lives. She overdosed twice and her mom eventually sent her to a Christian counselor even after her mom would constantly remind her that God loves her and that He has a plan for her.

“I believed in God. I believed in Jesus, but I did not believe that God had great plans for a 15-year-old drug addict from Greenup Kentucky,” Compston told The 700 Club.


She spiraled out of control in high school, got a bad road accident, and tried court-ordered AA meetings but nothing worked. Even when she became a nurse and a single mom at 21, she turned to harder drugs.

“I turned to harder drugs: cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, Ecstasy, acid, anything I could get my hands on trying to find peace, love, joy, acceptance,” she said.

However, it wasn’t until she married Chris and attended a bible study called “Master Life” that she finally surrendered her life to God and found peace, acceptance, and joy. Her pastor instilled in her heart and mind the fact that God loves her and wants nothing more than to know her.

“I said, ‘Lord, I am so sorry for the way that I have lived my life.’ I said, ‘Lord, I’m sorry for the way that I have just trampled through the blood of Jesus’, and I remember just surrendering to God and saying, ‘God, I’m done. I’m done with this,’” Compston recalled kneeling down to pray.

From that moment on, she has focused her life on giving back to God and in turning her life around. She and Chris founded “Amy for Africa” a relief organization that raises funds for schools in Uganda.


Compston came out from the darkest moments in her life knowing that God was with her. “Whenever I realized how much Jesus loved me, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. No one had ever loved me like that. I said, ‘God, you take my life and you do what you want.’ And He has. And it’s been amazing.”