Woman Searched Deceased Mother’s House On Google Earth, Saw Mom Watering The Garden


Our parents are one of the most important treasures God has given us. They are the reason why we exist and God used them as an instrument to take good care of us since birth. Most children are closer to their moms since they are the very first person that we talked to every time we experience hardships in life, especially for women. They are the ones who easily understand what we feel and we often cry on their shoulders without any hesitation.

Denise Underhill grew up in a small castle town in Staffordshire, England. Unfortunately, her mom passed away last 2015 so she decided to move to Florida to start a brand new life. There comes a time that Denise misses her mom so much and she was longing for a mother’s touch. She remembers the days that her mom is still alive. The sweet and caring mother that she grew up with, her hugs and kisses every time Denise would feel lonely.

It was one fine day when Denise got the feeling of missing her mom again that she decided to grab her computer and tried searching for their old house. She knows that the street view will be a lot different since it was already a long time when the house has been sold. Unexpectedly, Google Earth gave Denise the best surprise ever. Upon searching for her old address, she saw her mom watering the garden in front of the house. Denise couldn’t believe what she saw and she thanks Google Earth for keeping this image and not updating it yet. She believes that seeing her mom on the image has a reason behind and it kinda helped her escape the sadness of missing her mom.