Women Was Freed from 30 Years of Terrible Migraine Upon Hearing a Prayer on TV


Pennie Cole is a testament to God’s healing powers. The painful migraines that she endured for 30 years miraculously disappeared after she heard God’s prayer.

Pennie suffered through two car accidents that left her with not just physical injuries that required extensive physical therapy, but also excruciating migraines. She described the pain would come severely following the second accident.

“It was a headache that would come up over the skull and just kind of engulf the entire head area. They were to the point to where my hair hurt,” she told CBN’s The 700 Club.

Pennie said she is helpless whenever she gets the migraines. She would just lay in bed all day inside a quiet and darkened room because sound and bright light would just aggravate the pain. She remembered not being able to move, to eat, and the pain just “basically just stopped everything” she was doing. The painkillers help relieve the pain but they did not heal the migraines.

“They would put me out, but they wouldn’t touch the headache. Any kind of relief I could get from it, I would try. But nothing would relieve them,” she said.

It wasn’t until July 2018, when she heard Terry Meeuwsen talk about migraines on The 700 Club, that she miraculously got healed. Pennie remembered praying with her head down when she heard Meeuwsen described the kind of migraine that she was suffering from. She remembered how Meeuwsen described her headache better that she could describe it to her doctors.

In that talk, Meeuwsen seemed to speak directly to Pennie when she said, “There’s someone else, I think you have a history of migraines. Actually, you have a deformity where your spinal cord connects with your brain stem.  But God is healing that for you right now. You’ll know this is you because those headaches, when you have them, come like right from the back of your head over the top of your head. You’ve had them for years, but today, they are gone in Jesus’ name. Just receive that healing.”

In that instant, Pennie felt a tingling coming from the base of her spine and it traveled up over her head. When it stopped, the headache that she had for three weeks also disappeared.

“When I called the prayer line that’s when I was explaining to them what had happened and I had actually started crying,” Pennie recalled.

“You know, when you’re talking to God and you’re asking God to heal you, you’ve got to expect for him to do that. But once it happens to you, there is no denying that it’s God that does it. Healing is a very awesome wonderful thing to experience and to watch other people experience,” she added.

Since that miraculous day, Pennie has not had a migraine. She said it was God’s healing power and grace that stripped her of her headache. It was through prayer and her relationship with God that healed her from the pain of her migraines.