Pastor Rick Warren – You Don’t Have to Die to End the Pain

The Christian community is still mourning the sudden passing of megachurch pastor Jarrid Wilson, who took his own life after having helped members of the community battle through their depression and suicidal thoughts. His death not only serves as a wake-up call to those suffering from mental illness to seek professional help but according to Pastor Rick Warren, it’s also a reminder that God put you on this earth because he has a great purpose for your life.

The American evangelical Christian pastor says that people commit suicide because they want to end the pain that comes with their problems. He understands that people commit suicide because they are overwhelmed by the pain or the gravity of their problem and cannot find a way out.

However, he reminds everyone that “suicide is not a wise decision” to end any kind of problem. Instead, he calls it “a permanent irreversible attempt to solve a temporary problem.”

“You don’t have to die to end the pain,” he says in the video below.

Warren, founder and senior pastor of Saddleback Church in California, says that suicide not only affects you but also those around you. He likens it to a nuclear bomb used to kill a nest of mosquitoes, which can “do far more damage”  and can “affect many other people besides yourself.”

Instead, Warren reminds everyone to seek counseling through the suicide prevention hotline. He also says to share the pain of the problem by talking about it with other people. He says to never face suicidal thoughts by yourself and to remove anything around you that would make it easy for you to impulsively commit suicide.

“Never make a major decision when you’re depressed. Instead, share what you’re feeling with another person…The Bible commands us to bear one another’s burdens…and there are people who would gladly do this if you’ll just be open and honest,” Warren continues.

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Depression is a liar.

Most importantly, “The Purpose Driven Life” author says depression doesn’t make you think logically. It makes you feel unwanted or unloved and this is just wrong.

“You are loved by God and you are needed in this world, He created you and made you for a purpose…Your life matters, your life has meaning and that God has a plan and purpose for your life,” that is greater than the problems you have.

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Warren says depression and suicidal thoughts are not a joke and should be taken seriously. He echoes Pastor Adam Weber’s advice to seek medical help because it’s not a sin to feel depressed and admit that you’re not okay.

Rick Warren’s message for those considering suicide

If you have ever struggled with depression or suicide, Pastor Rick has a message for you. The pain you are experiencing will not last forever. There is hope! For additional resources, please visit to receive Daily Hope, a daily devotional from Pastor Rick Warren.

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