Zach Williams Shared the Gospel to 250 Prisons in Harding, Each Song Served as an Anthem of Hope

Dove and Grammy Awardee Zach Williams visited the Harding Prison in Nashville, TN together with his band. The mission of the project is to preach through singing to let the prisoners feel hopeful despite their situation. Through his music, there was a connection between Zach and the people inside the prison as they worshipped the Lord together with one voice.

Prisoners may feel hopeless that they will not be able to see their families anymore or not to have a glimpse with the beauty of the world. Williams has successfully brought the message that God came into the world to restore the goodness within us. He came for the sick and He was sent into the world to break the chains which bind as to sin. Williams felt that it was a calling for him to spread the gospel of God through his songs.

Zach’s music has the purpose of teaching the people to stand still and do not feel hopeless for the Lord our God is merciful and He gives the desires of our hearts. We may feel burdened in a day to day basis and get tired too, but always remember that God guides our way and gives is the strength for He is the source of all power and he has the capability of breaking the chains to set us free.

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